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Benji Human

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Inside Outside (2024) | Documentary


Director: Benji Human
Director of Photography: JP Lewis
In Association With: POCC
Made With: Museum of Homelessness
Production Company: Artwerld Films
Editor: Benji Human


Inside Outside

INSIDE OUTSIDE is an experimental documentary exploring how
the people’s right to home has been lost and won throughout time.


Home has always been something to fight for.
As squatting in empty buildings and trespassing on empty land becomes increasingly criminalised,
a timeline of unseen voices recall why we must fight for the right for home, wherever that may be.

Funded by POCC Film Fund 2023

Runtime: 2 min 50 sec

Currently in festival submissions

Set in Finsbury Park, North London, we follow a tent that’s forced to move around the borough to avoid police harassment. Though we never see who lives inside, hearing different people’s experiences of homelessness allows us to imagine the many somebodies it could be. With squats disappearing under police crackdowns, we must apply a similar imagination for the buildings we see.

As so much of the story is unseen, the visual gaps give the film a surreal quality. We hear interviews taken from archive films, audio of police raids from the 70s blending with sirens of present day. Flashes of zines, news articles, calls to resist.

By moving through a non-linear timeline, we see the pivotal laws and protests in England that have shaped squatters’ rights and wild camping. But far from being a sad archive of the housing crisis, the film should remind us that we gained our rights to home and to roam through direct action and civil disobedience.

INSIDE OUTSIDE is part of Museum of Homelessness’ project ‘A People’s History of Finsbury Park’.


Original Treatment | Download .pdf

BTS Photography JP LewisEdit Benji Human

Extended Credits

Featuring Nathan

Columbia Nights — “Circle”

Super 8 Scanned by On8Mil

Special Thanks
Jess Turtle
Matt Turtle

Special Thanks
Robin Taylor

Gill Taylor

Part of A People’s History of Finsbury Park Project by
Museum of Homelessness

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An Artwerld Film
© Benji Human 2023
Featuring Interviews from 1970s, 1980s, 2023

Excerpt Audio From Archive Films

A Place Of My Own Parts 1 and 2
Dir. Andy Porter & Graham de Smidt
© Longstop Project Ltd, Threshold Centre, 1982
London Community Video Archive

Black Homelessness
Dir. Ken Lynam & Andy Porter
West London Media Workshop, 1978
London Community Video Archive

Kilner House
Dir. Mark Saunders
Oval Video, 1981
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Archive Photography
Crowbar Magazine
Squatters Handbook
The Trespasser’s Companion — Nick Hayes
56a Infoshop

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