Benji Human

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Benji Human

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Deloitte | Make It Matter


Director: Benji Human
Producer: Jemel Richards
Production Manager: Iyola Lever
1st AD: Ffion Kunz
Director of Photography: Anna Macdonald
1st AC: Chelsea Bernard
2nd AC: Samara Addai
Gaffer: Duane Jay
Spark: Alex Verber
Art Director: Soo Young Hahn
Art Assistant: Ollie Gale
Art Trainee: Ella Griffith
Production Assistant: Jodie Garness
Paolo Dalla Costa
Benji Human + Jonathan Waller
Colourist: Vanya Tomova
Agency: Solvd Together
Production Company:



Athlete: Chris Tang
Coffee Guy: Jed Gharbi
Parent: Jack Loy
Presenter: Jessica Marcinko


For Deloitte’s Experience Hire Induction.
Four people connect their work to its impact beyond the workplace, and to each other.

They work to advance technologies with F1,
raise breast cancer awareness with Sex Education & Netflix,
promote inclusion with Lawn Tennis Association,
and improve C-section outcomes with the life-saving Fetal Pillow.


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